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    Germany: Requirements/Restrictions

    Legal/Regulatory Requirements

    • For toll-free numbers, an address of the end user outside of Germany (place of residence/business) is required. The customer must provide proof of the address information together with a copy of the ID or Business registration for validation before activating the number. 

    • For toll-free numbers where end users are within Germany, the German Communications Regulator (BNetZa) has re-emphasized its requirement that end users registered within the country must obtain toll-free numbers directly from the national telecoms regulator. Once the number is provided, it can be ported from the regulator to us via our porting process. If you live in Germany and wish to obtain a toll-free number, please email support. 

    • For local numbers, a local address is required in the city corresponding to the geographical zone of the requested number. The address will be substantiated by an objective document showing a link between user and address.  

    • As of May 2019, new activation of all number types will require a date of birth of the end-user. This is not required for business end users.

    • We can not accept utility bills as proof of address. Proof of address needs to be from official sources to prove the end user has a legal presence at the location within Germany. Documents issued by a local authority (a government agency), such as proof of residence from the municipality or proof of business registration from the trade registry, will be needed.


    Service Restrictions

    • Toll-free (800) numbers are not reachable from countries other than Germany. 

    • Inbound SMS is not supported.

    • Outbound SMS is supported, but not guaranteed. Please email our support team if you wish to enable your DID for Outbound SMS. 


    Note: These requirements/restrictions are subject to change. 

    Additional questions? Feel free to submit a support request: 

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