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    How do I change my login email address?

    Changing the email address you use to log into your CPaaS account is a two-step process. The first step is to add an email address to your account and make it the primary email address. The second step requires you to email into support ( Unfortunately, this process is not automated (yet!) but it will be soon. 


    How do I add an email address to my account? 


    1. Log into your account at using your current email and password.

    2. Go to User Settings (top left under 'Home') then click on the 'Emails' tab. 

    3. Enter the email address you wish to add then click '+Add'

    4. If the email address you entered is valid, you will receive an email titled "Avaya | Add email to...". 

    5. In the email, click on "Yes, add this email address!"


    How do I make the new email address my primary address?


    1. Go back to User Settings > Emails. 

    2. Click on "Set as Primary" next to the email address you have just verified.


    What do I do now?


    Send our support team an email at with the original email address of your account and the email address you wish to change it to (I.e. the email address you just verified and made the primary) and we will complete the process on our end. 

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